Skydive Arena Prague
Company Profile :
Skydive Arena Prague 
SkydiveArena Prague,
Is a  World Leader in FreeFall Simulators & Wind Tunnels engineering and manufacturing, 
for Military & Sport indoor training & Fun indoor skydiving .
SkydiveArena located in the heart of Europe, in Prague, Czech Rep

We manufacture cutting edge engineering, Freefall Simulator technologies of a 3m/3,6m/4,3m/5m wide,
Double Loop/Single Loop/ Multiple Loop spec.. Skydive Arena recircular wind tunnels first in the world equiped with 5m high all break proof glass made, completely circular & frameless flight chambers, performing laminar air flow powed by 4 engines/fans with maximum operating wind speed 300km/h+
.As a part of our -Know How- indoor skydiving wind tunnels equiped with -Any time Enter / Exit- system, Air Conditioning system and Remote Control system.
For instalation in the shoping malls or city centers we offer sound proof panels for complete noise sopression.
Tested Standart electricity consumption of a 4,3 FreeFall Simulator for belly flying 300kw/h for super fast head down flying 700kw/h